Capital Market Day 2021

Adrian Langer (Head of Marketing at Aurora Deltaco) gives an introduction to DistIT and establish the agenda for DistIT’s first Capital Market Day.

Robert Rosenzweig (CEO at DistIT) & Philip Gunnarsson (CFO at DistIT) share DistIT’s fincancial plan and roadmap to accelerate value creation.

Adrian Langer covers for Anders Lagerstedt (CCO at Aurora Deltaco), where Aurora Deltaco’s export and organic growth strategy is presented.

Johan Lønk Ramskov (Head of Category Management at Aurora Deltaco) gives a tour of Aurora Deltaco’s external brands and distribution business.

Claes Eriksson (CPO at Aurora Deltaco) talks about Aurora Deltaco’s own brands and offers insight into the operations of product development, sourcing and brand building.

Magnus Löndén (CEO at Septon Electronic) and Johan Colméus (COO at Septon Electronic) provide insight into Septon’s and LiteNordic’s business and strategic plans.

Robert Rosenzweig, Philip Gunnarsson and Claes Eriksson answer viewer questions in a 30-minute Q&A session hosted by Adrian Langer.